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People weekly
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Bestelformulier People weekly (uw privacy) (onze garantie)
People weekly
magazine People weekly
2 meningen
People weekly
Een jaar (53 nrs) voor €407,50
Included: Free acces to digital edition on iPad or tablet!
People has all of the inside news you crave about the personalities who fascinate you. Each weekly issue is packed with amazing stories about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives. When you simply have to know the latest about Hollywood's hottest celebrities, you simply have to have People.
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    People weekly: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van People weekly)

    I bought the first People (Weekly) on March 4, 1974 right before I graduated High School, and have been an avid reader ever since. Until a few years ago, I had to search overall in NL to find a copy, and bought as many issues as I could whilst vacationing in the states. Then I stumbled upon EngelseBladen.nl! Now I am a totally happy American living in Holland! I now have it on my iPad, except for the puzzles which I am fanatic about! I've even been published in their Mailbag twice!!! One time ivm Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, and the other time ivm Joran van der Sloot. I can't live without it!
    Julie op 13-03-2013
    I became obsessed with People when I lived in the States and have been subscribed ever since. People doesn't invent stories about celebrities like some of its competitors and it also has tv, music and book reviews. Since moving to New Zealand I paid a local company a large amount to subscribe. Then I found Global Magazines. They are much cheaper and just as reliable. The magazines arrive about 2 weeks later than the previous company, but with the savings I am making it is a compromise I am extremely happy to make. For those wondering about delivery, I receive each magazine around 2 weeks - 4 weeks after the issue comes out in the US. If you live closer than NZ, I suspect you would get it a lot earlier! I have also never had a missed copy, unike the previous company I used.
    Kate op 16-07-2012
    People weekly magazine first arrived in my hands about 3 years ago during my lunchbreak on a sunny afternoon. At that time I worked at the receptiondesk of a publishing agency. As earlier said I had my lunchbreak and was just looking for a magazine to read... I have been addicted since that day. People weekly magazine gives you a glimpse of the stars, it takes you on a journey for fascinating and true stories, the photographic material of the celebrities is fantastic, and it is very much up-to-date. It brings America and its stars a lot closer to home...stars within reach...
    janine op 19-03-2007

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    Global Magazines B.V. - Agro Business Park 72 - 6708PW - Wageningen - tel: 0317-712062 -ivob@leesgigant.nl - 23:52:16
    US office: Po Box 148 - 1105 B Main Street, Darlington MD 21034 - USA