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Sound on sound : Beoordelingen en meningen

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Th best thing I'll find in the mailbox each month. Good way to keep up to date on new audio gear.
Martijn Cober op 26-05-2017
A load of info each time. Often not always for my purposes but very up to date. Don't panic when the first issue takes some time to be delivered. It's normal. Thank you engelsebladen.nl for the fantastic client service. Trustfull supplier. SOS is very "not"-complicated to read, even if you're a beginner.

JoCo op 12-01-2013
Thumbs up for SOS. Always happy to get it in the mail and always happy to find a number of really useful articles and reviews and quite often amused by demo reviews, editor's notes and other columns...

Initially, there was a problem with the delivery but "engelsebladen.nl" solved it quickly and aptly.
J├╝rgen De Blonde op 24-11-2012
Always a happy moment when it hits my door mat, very nice magazine
Bram Reitsma op 02-11-2012
SoS is essential for professional sound engineers, audio gadget freaks and home studio hobbyists. A lot of attention for ridiculously expensive gear, but fortunately also for affordable downloads. Plenty to read, the next issue usually arrives before I finished the previous one.
Delivery is excellent until now.
M Heeringa op 04-10-2011
Sound on Sound is a modern and nicely written professional musical technology magazine. It also incorporates video media related subjects.

It took 6 weeks before I received the first edition. I'm told that this is de standard industry lead time for international magazines. Until now all editions are delivered on time.

Communication with "engelsebladen.nl" is fast and clear.
M. van Gestel op 29-03-2011
Sound on Sound is THE magazine on professional audio. I love it.
Daan Baas op 07-03-2011
I really like this magazine. It's up to date and informs me about all the new stuff happening in the world of audio. I've been working in this business for a couple of years now and yet SOS keeps me well informed and even has an educational value for me. It's complete and very nice to read.
Steven Aerts op 15-03-2010

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