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I like the magazine Hola. It helps me to keep up my knowledge of the Spanish language. Furthermore the pictures are wonderful. I am not so interested in the rich and famous and would rather see other, more "normal" items. But, I am 83 years old and like it !!!!!!!!!!! )I zm dutch, not double dutch !
mw.de Vries op 12-09-2016
Beautifull pictures and a good exercise for my spanish lanquage !
Maria 22-02-2014
Mvdhoekpeters op 22-03-2014
I am very happy with the magazine Hola, I enyoy very much reading all about the royalty in Europe and around the world newas. First quality of magazine.
Beatriz Stein op 07-06-2013
me encanta la revista hola. todas las semanas estoy al tanto cuando la recibo.

pilar op 10-11-2009
I must say I am addicted to this magazine. I love the wonderful pictures and following their stories about the royal families and celebreties.I feel almost as I have know them all my life. When the prince of spain got married I knew every single guest invited to the wedding. Readding and following their lifes is a joy. A wonderful magazine that should be in every house.
Ann op 17-07-2006

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