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Computer Arts: Beoordelingen en meningen

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I really like the magazine!
JanJochem Overgaauw op 04-09-2012
I like this magazine a lot. Own it for about 15 months right now.

Somethimes there are things that are totally new to me, maybe they can add a bit more designs into it.

It depends from time to time. For sure an amazing inspiring magazine. Worth buying if you are serious in design.
Frederick Alonso op 22-06-2012
We really enjoy this magazine, keep up the good work!
puntNL op 23-09-2011
Computer Arts magazine is a must read for every graphic design enthusiast! A lot of design inspiration mixed with some professional information on starting your own studio, making the perfect portfolio and such.
You can also find a few new tutorials inside every new issue which are real tight.
The quality of the printing is also spotless. Every new issue with a splendid new cover.

In short: If you are a designer, buy this magazine!
Peter Klaas Vrieswijk op 19-06-2010
The magazine is a source of inspiration and education.. To improve your skills, learn how to tweak your own designs, etc. Not only the interviews and the tutorials are a great addition to the magazine, as well are the lay-outs, the prints and hte contents more than overwelming.

To keep it short and simple, I love Computer Arts magazine.
Rik Mockers (Belgium) op 24-04-2009
I really like the contents of this magazine. Although the focus on arty designs could be less. More often then not clients like a more softer approach, for instance wtih a new concept for a magazine, fot the mainstream (sometimes older) reader.
The indepth reviews of software and samples on how to work with them are much appreciated.

Roto Smeets Utrecht op 17-09-2008

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