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Playboy USA edition: Beoordelingen en meningen

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Quality all the way through.
Anthony Shee op 26-09-2015
No change still as excellent as ever
Peter Shutt op 27-03-2015
MY opinion is still unchanged from the moment I read my first Playboy. A truly amazing gift that I look forward to every month and will continue to do so.
Anthony Shee op 29-08-2014
Goede service en een goed blad voor een goede prijs. Helemaal top!
Thomas op 15-08-2014
It's a good read & pictures are always gorgeous .Packing is very good as well
Peter Shutt op 25-04-2014
in these difficult times its always glad to know you can rely on Playboy to deliver the goods.

delivery to blighty can leave you wondering if it will arrive and eventually it always does.
stephen evans op 14-09-2013
Playboy has been a "friend" of mine for a lifetime. I have known and always enjoyed the quality of its contents, interviews, pictures, articles as a magazine I subscribe too and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you Playboy for making my life playful.
Anthony Shee op 31-08-2013
Have been an avid reader for umpteen years and no matter where I have had the opportunity, it has always been on my wish list and find it always filled with content that is interesting and informative.
Anthony Shee op 07-09-2012
have followed Playboy for a number of years and have always found it great entertainement. delivery is okay as it always appears sometimes a little later than expected. Overall the standard is excellent and the models are great.
stephen evans op 31-08-2012
Great entertainment - Long may it last! Delivery to the UK sucks - really hit and miss and have had to chase supplier on occasion. Ordered for a Christmas gift and first issue never arrived until March!
Sharon Fernandes op 31-08-2012
Still the same excellent standards of photography of the models keep it up
Peter Shutt op 13-07-2012
Not bad contains the quality I expected of it keep up the standard you are renowned for
Peter Shutt op 23-09-2011

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