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A highly readable and wide-ranging magazine covering all kinds of subjects (not scaring away from the complex!), many if not most of interest for anyone desiring to keep up with the latest developements in all sciences and getting a deeper insight in all kinds of stuff, and quite likely discover(!) many more. The writing style is such that most readers will easily follow the story, while at the same time there is no incling of 'writing down' to the reader (i.e. the reader is expected to be intelligent). Articles are also devoid of any desire to be emptily spectacular, and the same goes for the illustrations. The only thing I like less is that sometimes an article is cut off, and restarts many pages furtheron in the magazine. Beyond that (minor) remark, the magazine is a joy to have and read, and as such highly recomended!
Gijs op 17-02-2012
Being a science journalist myself, I totally love this awesome magazine - one of the very few popular science magazines that still dares to run long features, in-depth interviews and high quality columns in these times of fast & brief internet snippets. Discover Magazine is one of my absolute favorite magazines!
Maarten op 07-10-2011

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