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Martha Stewart Weddings: Beoordelingen en meningen

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I love this magazine for wedding inspiration for our clients. Global Magazines delivers our magazines promptly and any queries are dealt with super efficiently - thank you!
shannon op 24-11-2012
As an professional weddingplanner | designer I use your magazine (+ website) all the time for inspiration and ideas. My brides are in awe with the beauty of the real weddings and DIY articles. Holland is still lightyears behind as it comes to stylish wedding decor... Best wishes, Brigitte Mes
Brigitte Mes op 20-01-2012
dear martha
together with my partner we have a company whose's specialised in decorating wedding party's, called passie voor sfeer.
we recieve your magazine frequently, and i have to say we often see tips that we can use in our daily work.
so we are very satisfied with your magazine.

monique op 04-05-2011
Used to subscribe to it when I was living in America and subscribe to it now in The Netherlands. As a social stationery designer professional I find Martha Stewart Weddings a wonderful magazine full of new ideas and trends. It is an ideal gift for the DIY bride and it has many tutorials and crafts to do for a wedding.
Mara Oudenes op 11-03-2011
dear martha
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karen Degheldere op 11-12-2006

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