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Architectural Digest: Beoordelingen en meningen

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the magazine has taste, style, is entertaining, and is a feast for the eye.
LĂ©onie op 25-08-2015
The magazine is well printed and has good editorial. We first saw it in Luton Hoo Hotel when we were commuting to Poland Via Luton airport and were immediately struck by its remarkable content. To say we agree with all the architectural styles and interior designs would be stretching credibility because some of them are for us, just too preposterous and un-liveable but that is one of the tenets of a good magazine that one person's sublime is another's ridiculous! But on the next page back to sublime! Keeping stretching our horizons - that's true art.
John Mill op 26-01-2013
I love this magazine. It is one of the best magazines if you LOVE to look at pictures and read about beautiful houses, amazing interiors and breath-taking views/landscaping. There is such a variety of architecture held in this magazine. It's not the same style over and over. They have houses, business offices and gardens from America as well as many, many other countries. AD Travels (beautiful scenery from places around the globe). The interviews are also usually very interesting.
I highly recommend this magazine for those who love to look at pictures and think about what the future might hold! Read and enjoy! You will NOT be disapponted!

Rolf op 13-07-2012
This stylish magazine is not overly swamped with advertisings, has usually good articles and is therefore a joy to read. Even for a re-read when they are of a somewhat older date so don't throw them away when you've finished reading them. Dream away or find inpsiration for a new home-decoration. In any case, well worth its money.
Job op 19-11-2004

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