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Sky and Telescope
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Sky and Telescope
magazine Sky and Telescope
2 meningen
Sky and Telescope
Een jaar (12 nrs) voor €94,95
Sky & Telescope Magazine has been the world's leading source of accurate and up-to-date information about astronomy and space science since 1941. Sky and Telescope appeals to the full spectrum of astronomy enthusiasts, from the novice ready to purchase a first telescope, to the enthusiastic amateur looking to enhance observing skills and equipment, to the professional desiring to keep up with this dynamically changing field. Every issue of Sky & Telescope features articles and departments rich in information and images that compel ordinary folk to go out and experience the night sky. And when they observe, they take Sky & Telescope along as their guide. Sky and Telescope includes regular features such as test reports, a celestial calendar, news, product reviews and musings from comet discoverer David H. Levy.
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    Sky and Telescope: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Sky and Telescope)

    Opinion unchanged since 31 years...
    F.A.S. Sterrenburg op 29-11-2013
    Still the same opinion as I've had for the past 30 years: a must for the serious astronomy fan!
    F.A.S. Sterrenburg op 09-11-2012
    Excellent journal, obligatory reading
    F.A.S. Sterrenburg op 02-12-2011
    Excellent journal, obligatory reading.
    F.A.S. Sterrenburg op 19-11-2010

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