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Bead&Button Magazine
Home > English magazines > Arts & humanities > Handwerken > [ Beadwork & Jewelry ]
Home > English magazines > Arts & humanities > [ Handwerken ]
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Bead&Button Magazine
magazine Bead&Button Magazine
7 meningen
Bead&Button Magazine
Een jaar (6 nrs) voor €64,95
Get 15 or more stylish jewelry projects for all skill levels in every issue. Learn to make earrings, necklaces, purses, ornaments and more with detailed photographs and step-by-step instructions.

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    Bead&Button Magazine: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Bead&Button Magazine)

    Ik vind het blad vergeleken met 5 jaar terug ,best tegenvallen.
    Ik vind de reclame overmatig en d echte kralenrijgprojecten ,met rocailles etc veel te weinig belicht.
    M.fielmich op 21-08-2017
    Ik doe inspiratie op en maak af en toe iets uit het blad.
    Nadeel vind ik de vele advertenties,maar vind er toch altijd wel leuke projecten in staan.
    Debbie op 08-05-2012
    To much advertising! Also when there are beading projects it is always hard to find the right supplies, as shown in the magazine, here in Belgium or the Netherlands. When you have to order them in the USA it is becomming too expensive. I havent found much necklaces based on the techniques which you can find at the end of each magazine. I am disappointed so I will not renew my subscription.
    Maggy op 16-04-2010
    I'm using this magazine as inspiration by designing my own jewelery when I'm out of new ideas. It gives me always an opening. I've never make one of the designs, but reading the instructions make's me dazzle, so they may be a bit hard to follow.
    But,...it is a great magazine with many beautiful designs for beading, and I have renew my subscription with pleasure.
    Geralda op 15-06-2009
    I've known the magazine for many years and enjoy reading it not only for the actual projects but also for the ideas for jewelrymaking. I have bought it when traveling to the US. I'm very pleased wih the subscription and will certainly renew it.
    Ann op 06-06-2009
    The projects are nice but there are so many advertisements. I won't renew my supscription because of the advertisements.
    Ger op 06-06-2009
    I think there are too many advertisements in the magazine and not many informative articles. So, I'm sorry, I won't renew my subscription.Apart from the beginning, the delivery is correct.
    Jose op 15-05-2009
    I have always been a big fan of the magazine but I find the instructions a bit hard to follow. Furthermore there are way too many advertisements in it. They need to increase the number of projects. I think the price is a bit too much for a few usable projects.
    Elaine op 31-10-2008
    I bought my first magazine of bead and button during my holiday in Scotland a few weeks ago. I was a bit disappointed, because for the greater part, there are adverts in de the magazine. When I bought it, I thougt, yes a thick magazine with a lot of examples, but alas.
    Karin from Holland op 19-11-2004

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