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A wedding should reflect nothing but you, your loves and your love for one another! It's quite simple. We here at Unique Bride feel so strongly about this, that we created a magazine for that exact reason.Are you feeling the pressures of how your wedding ought to be? STOP... this is where it all changes, from what is expected, to what you want!  Too many people are feeling pressured to have a wedding in a certain style. We say, forget that! Your wedding is about you, make it so! Unique Bride is the magazine for brides that do not want to follow the norm and want to do something different. We aim to showcase the weird, the wonderful and the wacky of the wedding world.  If every time you pick up a wedding magazine, you feel that they’re all the same and you’re not inspired, then you are a Unique Bride…. And you NEED this magazine.

Unique Bride

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